Leader of Large-Scale Robots Scheduling


Malu Innovation develops smart AGV, with leading technologies in route planning, robots scheduling, computer vision, artificial intelligence, data analysis, etc. Facing with increasingly severe supply chain pressure, Malu Innovation has launched sorting/picking/moving solutions as well as 5 series of AGV, to answer the core needs of different industries. It has been serving different clients, including JD.COM, Gome, etc.

Sorting System

Package Delivery Industry, E-commerce, etc.

Picking System

E-commerce/Retail, 3PL, Shoes & Garment, etc.

Moving System

Electronics, Automobile, Manufacturing, etc.
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Large-Scale Scheduling

Real-time route planning and smart scheduling for over 1,000 AGVs in a single warehouse.

Elastic Deployment

Instant deployment or removal of AGVs without pausing whole system.

Off-Peak Charging

RMS scheduling robots charging according to total task number.

Disaster Recovery

Full system backup every 5 seconds, multiple plans for various emergencies.

Innovative navigation system with breakthroughs.

100 + Robots Number
5000 ㎡+ Layout Surface
5 mm Positioning Accuracy
1.5 m/s Moving Speed
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Provider of New Generation, Multi-Scenario Smart Warehouse Solution


捷豹路虎携手易胜博ysb248创新,汽车行业规模最大的智能化AGV拣选搬运项目落地中国 2018年12月中旬,易胜博ysb248创新“捷豹路虎自动化拣选搬运(carry& pick)”项目启动会在奇瑞捷豹路虎常熟工厂顺利召开,该项目作为常熟市响应国家2025智能制造、智慧工业号召的重点项目,也作为捷豹路虎全球“样板工厂”自动化领域持续改造的重点项目,受到了业界的广泛关注。
创新驱动,合作共赢 | 西门子全球首席战略官参访易胜博ysb248创新 2019年3月初,由西门子全球首席战略官Dr. Horst J.Kayser带队、易胜博手机版业务负责人Christian Tollmien、西门子(中国)华东区总经理Mr. Wang Weiguo、业务发展和战略部负责人Mr. Martin Klarer及总部企发部一行到访易胜博ysb248创新上海总部。易胜博ysb248创新CEO刘哲、CTO王悦翔、销售总监姜国强等对西门子到访表示了热烈欢迎。双方就工业易胜博手机版市场前景、战略及业务合作、工业4.0智能制造的创新性应用等话题展开了深入的讨论。
世界500强法国电信Orange公司莅临易胜博ysb248创新参观交流 2019年1月下旬,法国电信Orange公司CEO Fabienne Dulac 副总裁Emmanuelle Bujeaud Laetitia Orsini Sharps及供应链管理与创新部门资深副总裁 Alex Wang等一行莅临易胜博ysb248创新参观交流。易胜博ysb248创新CEO刘哲、CTO王悦翔出席接待。
易胜博ysb248创新荣获“2018年度物流行业最具投资价值企业” 12月26日,由中国交通运输协会物流投融资分会与蚌埠市人民政府主办的“第九届中国物流投融资大会”在安徽蚌埠成功召开。作为国内智能AGV行业领军企业,易胜博ysb248创新有幸受邀参加本次大会,并获得“2018年度物流行业最具投资价值企业”。
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